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  • What makes Cyprus Underwater Explorers the best choice for me?
    Cyprus Underwater Explorers is a family run dive centre that has been operating in North Cyprus for 14 years, known for our emphasis on safety and efficiancy which ensures you a relaxed and enjoyable experience. We are in close proximity to many dive sites, some only a few minutes away! Another point is our location on the Lapta "Strip" right next to the Manolya Hotel where accomodation can be provided at preferential rates when booking a dive package with us. We are also at walking distance from other hotels in the area and only a 20 minute bus ride from Kyrenia.
  • What's the difference between PADI and any other Scuba training organisation?
    PADI is the world's largest and most respected SCUBA diving training organisation. The PADI System of diver education is the most instructionally solid system in diving. No matter where you choose to dive, your PADI certification card will be recognised and accepted.
  • If I forget to bring my certification card with me, will I still be able to dive?"
    If you are PADI certified we can look you up online. We need your full name, including your middle initial, and your date of birth as they appear on your card. If you are certified with another organisation however we will not be able to check your credentials online and would have to see your card or e-card.
  • How long do I have to wait before I can fly after diving?
    PADI recommends a 12 hour preflight surface interval after a single dive and an 18 hour preflight surface interval after multiple dives per day or multiple days of diving. It is therefore important that you don't leave your diving till the last day of your holiday.
  • Do I need to bring my own equipment?
    If you are doing one of our courses all equipment will be provided to you for the duration of the course. For daily dives tanks and weights are provided free of charge and all other equipment can be rented from our dive centre. If you do have your own equipment you are of course welcome to bring it.
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