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About Us

Under the Sea is where we want to be

Under the sea is where we want to be

Whether with you or family

Just open the door and you won't believe

All the adventure you will receive

The fish and the wonders to your surprise

Oh how quickly the time flies

Exploring the bottom of the sea

Cleaning up all the debris

Under the sea is where we want to be

Meet Our Staff

Ingrid Lindh Sezener

Owner and Secretary

A newbie diver. I'm here to make your experience the best you can have, even if it's mainly from behind the scenes. Maybe we'll go on a dive together!


Ed Sezener 

Owner and Chief Instructor

From when I started diving at the age of 14 I knew that I wanted to become an instructor and share the experience of scuba to everyone. It is my goal to give you the best diving experience possible.

carole photo for website.jpg

Carole Hall-Smith


Although I started diving later in my life, it has become my passion and would like to share my experiences with you for you to enjoy our underwater world.


Halil Berro


Hi my name is Halil, diving is one of my passions and I look forward to share my experience with you. Cyprus has great dive sites and with us, your dive experience will be unforgettable.

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